About Us

Back in 2011, a beautiful piece of Earth was endangered by urbanization and industrialization. It was to become a construction site, tarnished and broken. That is when Walid Mushantaf decided to save this land and nature by growing more than 25 hectares of olive trees. Earth gave back to him by producing the most exquisite estate olive oil from his Italian cultivars with the most balanced and succulent flavors.

When you give to nature, nature gives back to you! With Bustan El Zeitoun’s birth, the birth of high-quality premium extra virgin olive came to be. The award-winning EVOO stands firm and strong to this day, driving its superb taste all around the globe.

Walid Mushantaf, born and raised in Aabra in the heights of Saida, south of Beirut, spent 15 years in the Gulf after the civil war tore through Beirut. He came back to find villages in complete ruins. But, greatness rises from the pits of burning ashes.

He took a few trips to Italy to learn from the best olive consultants in the world – learn from the giants of the olive tree growing business. Together they chose 12 different varieties of Italian cultivars to be grown in the soils of Aabra. And so, 6,000 olive trees later, the seeds of greatness grew tall and proud.

It was more than just a business to Walid – it was about quality and not quantity. In the quest for perfection of EVOO, Walid refused to compromise taste for the sake of price or consumers. He reaped the fruit of his labor with the award-winning premium EVOO from Bustan El Zeitoun.

He bottled the history of his village, the culture of his country, and the quality of international standards in the form of pure liquid gold.

Harvesting Strength

Bustan El Zeitoun is inspired by the incredible power and strength of the Phoenician god of healing and renewal of life, Eshmun.

We draw energy from our own roots firmly grounded in the Lebanese village’s olive groves, Aabra – near the heart of Eshmun in his temple in Sidon.

Our roots spread deep into history and absorb culture. Extra-virgin olive oil is in our history, in our present, and our future. And that is why Bustan El Zeitoun aims to preserve our legacy and elevate perfection.

Reapers of Flavor

Today, we have a dedicated and hardworking team that ensures we make the highest-quality, premium award-winning extra virgin olive oil of the most exquisite and formidable flavors.

With the particular union of Italian olive tree varieties and the Lebanese soil and climate, we have created a unique blend of balanced flavors and aroma.

With Eshmun’s etymology in mind, our goal at Bustan El Zeitoun has always been to deliver superior quality extra virgin olive oil that lives up to Eshmun’s expectation as “the one who heals.”