Under the Shade of the Olive Trees, We Thrive

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pure essence of natural olive oil with
all the taste, aromas, and balance of genuine premium olives. This
exquisite EVOO will take your palettes on a sensory journey of
flavor you’ve never experienced before.

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Bustan  El  Zeitoun’ s EVO O is  a  worldwide  award-winning  extra
virgin olive oil known for its unique flavor, pure genuine form, and
exquisite aroma.Learn more about the worldwide distinctions that

prove the high level of integrity of our EVOO.

About Us

Our story begins back in 2011 with a beautiful piece of land in the
village of Aabra endangered by urbanization and industrialization,
saved by Walid Mushantaf, and turned into a 25-hectare estate olive
tree Italian cultivar- a haven.

When you give to nature, nature gives back to you! He harvested the
strengths of the land and reaped the authentic flavors. And, that is
how the exquisite extra virgin olive oil of Bustan El Zeitoun came to be.


Perfect Pairs

Are you wondering how to pair the exquisite and formidable taste of
our extra virgin olive oil? How to make it blend in flawlessly in every
dish you make? We have the perfect pairs for you!

Where to find us

You can find our Bustan El Zeitoun bottles at:


La Cigale (Jbeil, Kornet Chehwan, Zalka, Hamra, Achrafieh)​

CAl Tawlet, Souk el Tayeb Mar Michael District

O&C the Fresh Market (Antelias)

Nature by Marc Beyrouthy (Kaslik)



Kaak al Manara 


Or call +961 3 262 300, and we can deliver right to your doorstep.

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Tel: +961 3 262 300


Abra – Lebanon