Perfect Pairs

When you fall in love with the delicate, elegant taste of extra virgin olive oil, you will never have enough of it. But even elegance comes in a variety of flavors! Our superb EVOO comes in three different profiles to cater to every palette. Discover the perfect pair, and enjoy our EVOO even more.

Get a bottle of our estate olive oil, and start experimenting!



If you’re looking for an exquisitely smooth and butter taste, then delicate EVOO is the oil for you. It provides your dish with a fruitiness, peppery flavor with absolutely no tangy bitterness. Mild EVOO pairs exquisitely well when added as a finishing raw touch in your salads or pizza or baked with seafood!


You should choose the medium extra virgin olive oil for a more fruity, earthy, and slightly spicy flavor profile of EVOO. It offers a balanced combination of aromas since it combines olives harvested at early and mid-stages. In other words, it is the best of both worlds! Finish off your grilled veggies, soup, or even

ice cream with this balanced oil!



Feeling a little bolder? The extra virgin olive oil’s robust flavor profile has pronounced flavor, with just the perfect amount of bitterness, and a superb pepper, spicy finish. It’s intense, fruity, and absolutely delicious. Robust extra virgin olive oil pairs really well with grilled protein, fried potatoes, and even
chocolate ice cream!